Roland Couture

Underachieving Web Designer

I'm well, thanks! Currently working at Intel (but not for Intel, if you foller me). Now before you get all "Oh, oh, can you fix my microchip? It's brokeded," like everbody always does1, I must hasten to point out that my job has literally zero to do with chips 'n' whatnot, and everything to do with the buildings in which all that stuff is made. You think I studied rocks & dirt in college just to go around designing lucrative stuff like microelectronics? Sheeeeeeeit.

Well, construction is not Intel's business, and yet, come to find out, they have so many construction projects going at any one time, they could be a pretty decent-sized architecture / engineering / construction firm in their own right, if they didn't outsource it all. So anyway I'm part of a team that helps them manage their library of construction drawings & BIM models. Sounds dry when I say it like that, but it somehow ends up drawing (NO PUN INTENDED CHORTLE CHORTLE) on all the different facets of my experience in the construction industry, evolution of which has been kind of like this:

Yep that's right, since doing more with less is the name of the game as usual, automation plays a big role, and I'm the one in the group who tries to automate anything that can be automated. Nerds take note—kind of like the image above, I'm using a whole evolutionary spectrum of tools including C#, VB.NET, the Autodesk .NET APIs for both AutoCAD & Revit, Linq/SQL Server etc., AutoLISP (a dialect of Lisp = instant hacker cred), and VBA (not so much), to develop various productivity & database tools for the group.

Ironically, this halfassed "Hey I think I'll make a crappy website" project has also prompted me to brush up on web stuff, though this site in particular (as if you couldn't tell) is all strictly static, done by editing the HTML and CSS by hand. Tonight we're gonna party like it's 1995. There's no fancy React or jQuery or even any JavaScript up in here, so "don't call it a comeback." But there's some "nifty" (read: annoying) tricks you can do with just CSS3, so check out the misc page for that, yeah sure you will. "Permission to suck" is a big part of keeping this fun, so no promises.

(1) Nobody ever says that.